5th Grade: God Calls Us Series (Volumes 1-6) Student Books

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Stephanie Gianulia Charalambides, Ted Theodorou, Aimee Cox Ehrs, Angeliki Constantine and Anton C. Vrame
Book Publisher:
GOA Department of Religious Education
Cover Style:
Staple bound


This kit includes one copy of each of the 6 volumes from the 5th grade series:

God Calls Us to Faith
God Calls Us to His Holiness
God Calls Us to His Kingdom
God Calls Us to His Church
God Calls Us to Share His World
God Calls Us to Serve

The theme of grade 5 is _responding to God and deepening students? understanding of God?s covenants with His chosen people, and His continuing revelation to them. These units present many heroes of the Faith who responded to God?s call as examples of faithfulness, loyalty, self-sacrifice, obedience, love, justice, and social responsibility. Through the study of these great figures, the student learns to respond to God in terms of personal faith and the basics of Christian morality and ethics: the Ten Commandments and the teachings of Christ found in the Beatitudes and Parables, and as elaborated on in the letters of St. Paul. God Calls Us helps students understand who they are as persons of God, and how they are to act as Orthodox Christians. It is also an introduction to Church and salvation history.