5th Grade: God Calls Us to Holiness (Volume 2) Student Book

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Stephania Gianulis Charalambides, with Fr. Anton C. Vrame, PhD, Aimee Cox, and Angeliki Constantine
Book Publisher:
GOA Department of Religious Education
Cover Style:
Saddle-stitched paperback


Grade 5, Unit 2, _God Calls Us to Holiness, covers the twelve centuries of the Old Testament story after the Exodus from Egypt until the period just before the birth of Christ. It begins with Joshua?s leadership of the Israelites in Canaan after the Exodus, followed by the leadership of the Judges, Kings and Prophets, and the rebuilding of Solomon?s Temple. Whenever the Israelites would forget their bond with God, He sent prophets to call them back to who they werea people chosen and loved by God. The overall purpose of this unit is to introduce God?s Holy Spirit at work in the Jewish leaders of the Old Testament, just as the Holy Spirit today works in the life of the Church and individual Christians who seek God?s guidance and power.

Student Book
7 Lessons

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