A Lamp to My Feet: An Introduction to the Bible - Teacher

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Shannon Sakellariou & Aimee Ehrs
Book Publisher:
GOA Department of Religious Education


With this zine, students develop the attitudes and confidence needed to light their path with the lamp of Scripture. Students learn to access God?s message to the world by asking how each reading relates to them: _What does this text say about Christ, and how does it apply to my life? The zine explores goals of Bible study; study habits and methods; and Bible formats and translations. It introduces the Old and New Testaments, the kinds of books in them, and how the books came to be there. The Teacher Guide provides interactive lessons and practice tangling with difficult passages. (Age 12+) Teacher Guide.

To extend a Lamp To My Feet into your home, download the free Parent Guide from the Center for Family Care.

Take a look inside!