Hearing the Scriptures

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Hearing the Scriptures is an ideal guidebook and gift, especially during the Holy Week sacred time, for the faithful interested in the deep biblical and theological meaning of the beautiful Byzantine hymns chanted in the Church.

This book was written as a guide for the Orthodox faithful to assist the worshipping community in understanding better the interplay of Scripture and hymnography so characteristic of Holy Week liturgical services in the Byzantine Orthodox tradition.

Hearing the Scriptures through Holy Week Hymns are presented day by day:
1. Chastity: Joseph and the Midnight Bridegroom—Holy Monday
2. Loyalty: Three Youths in a Fiery Furnace—Holy Tuesday
3. Bravery: A Daring Woman and a Hiding Eve—Holy Wednesday
4. Offering: Wisdom’s Freely Shared Banquet—Holy Thursday
5. Suffering: The Slaughtered Lamb and the Distraught Ewe—Good Friday
6. Overcoming: Jonah and the Never-Setting Light—Holy Saturday

The author, an internationally recognized biblical scholar and theologian, examines various ways in which Scriptures, primarily Old Testament texts, have been read and interpreted by Byzantine hymnographers.