Illness and the Believer

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Hieromonk Gregorios
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From the Prologue: Today, despite the remarkable progress of medical science, the number of people who are ill is increasing, and new diseases and illnesses continue to appear. Almost every family has previously experienced or is currently going through the pain and ordeal of an illness. Therefore it can be helpful to examine the causes of illness and how they may be faced spiritually so that those who suffer may reap some benefit for their souls. As we shall see, illness, whether due to sin or some other cause, is a means by which the soul can be healed and purified.

This small book examines the role of illness in the life of the believing Orthodox Christian, specifically:
1. the cause of illness
2. the purpose and benefits of illness
3. how to confront illness in a spiritual manner
4. healing and the practice of medicine
5. divine consolation.
As in Father Gregirios' other books, he approaches his study of illnesses through the writings of the Holy Father and Elders of the Church.