Kindergarten: Happy with God Teacher Guide

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Sophia Annas
Book Publisher:
GOA Department of Religious Education


God's love is the source of joy, the main theme of this program designed for kindergarten age children. Aspects of worship and stories from scripture highlight specific examples of and reasons for joy centered on Christ. Teacher Guide

Unit 1

  1. Happy in God’s World
  2. Happy with My Family
  3. Happy with My Friends
  4. Happy with God’s Animals

Unit 2

  1. Happy in Church
  2. Happy to Pray
  3. Happy to Learn About God
  4. Happy to Help

Unit 3

  1. Happy to Hear the Good News
  2. Happy to Share the Good News
  3. Happy Birthday Jesus!
  4. Happy to Know About Jesus

Unit 4

  1. Happy to Love One Another
  2. Happy to Obey
  3. Happy to Forgive
  4. Happy to Help

Unit 5

  1. Happy to Welcome Babies
  2. Happy to Join the Church
  3. Happy to See Crosses
  4. Happy to Receive Holy Communion

Unit 6

  1. Happy to Share
  2. Happy to Tell the Truth
  3. We are Happy to Respect Differences
  4. Happy to be Thankful

Unit 7

  1. Happy on Thanksgiving
  2. Happy on Epiphany
  3. Palm Sunday
  4. Holy Friday
  5. Happy on Easter