5th Grade: God Calls Us to Share His Word (Volume 5) Teacher Guide

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Ted Theodorou and Aimee Cox
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GOA Department of Religious Education
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Saddle-stitched paperback


Grade 5, Unit 5, _God Calls Us to Share His Word_, goes in-depth with St. Paul as he evangelizes through his travels and epistles. It begins with the martyrdom of St. Stephen, which St. Paul witnessed and encouraged. From the road to Damascus to prison in Rome, Lessons 1_4 follow the Acts of the Apostles. Next, Lesson 5 shows how St. Paul?s letters advance the Gospel by showing us what it means to be a Christian and how to live accordingly. Lesson 6 concludes the unit with a look at several Orthodox doctrines that form the backbone of St. Paul?s theology. The purpose of this unit is two-fold: It demonstrates how Paul and the other Apostles spread the Gospel and taught the Christian way of life in the Churches they established in the Mediterranean and beyond. But the legacy of St. Paul and the Apostles is more than these Churches. To this day, their lettersand the Gospels that were recorded laterare our guiding Holy Scripture.

Teacher Guide
5 Lessons

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